Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Car Accessories

As everyone knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All month long you will see various ways individual people and organizations highlight this very important women’s health issue. Even the NFL is active communicating this public message – last night I watched the Green Bay Packers take the field in Pink socks and sweatbands.

On a personal level there are so many ways you can express your support for the treatment of breast cancer. Decorating your auto with a pink ribbon accessory is great way to show your support of a loved one facing this disease. We want to tell you about the decorative pink ribbon car accessories available at Highlighted below are four of the most popular pink ribbon items: Pink Ribbon Find A Cure car decal, Yay Boobies! car cup holder coaster, Pink Find A Cure metal license plate frame and Celebrate Life visor clip. These girly car accessories make nice thoughtful gifts. Visit for a large selection of pink car accessories for girls.
Pink Ribbon Car Accessories

Car Rearview Mirror Signs

Girls love to decorate their cars to show off their personalities. has created a unique car accessory that hangs on your rearview mirror. This new product is called CarXpression – rearview mirror signs. They are decorative signs that hang from the rearview mirror post and display towards the outside of the car. At this time there are eight styles available as seen in the picture below. The Girly Girly and Reserved Parking for Princess are the most popular designs. These decorative car signs are an exclusive product sold at for under $10. They make fun car accessory gifts for teenage girl. is an on-line store filled with girly car accessories.
Car Rearview Mirror Sign

Car Rearview Mirror Sign

Car Visor Frame Mother’s Day Gift

For the taxi Mom in your family, the car Visor Frame puts the kids smiling faces in the car with her while she drives around town. Perfect Mother’s Day Gift to say “THANKS MOM for driving me all over the place when I was a kid”. Visor Frames from make a very simple affordable Mother’s Day Gift. Surprise your Mom by inserting a favorite photo in the frame before you wrap it up. She will be so pleased to have a picture of her loved ones in the car with her.

Visor Frames are picture frames for your car and are a fun way to display and protect wallet size school photos of the kids. The frames clip to any sun visor and are best used with a standard 3 ½” x 2 ½” wallet-size photo or memorial card. The patented swivel clip design allows users to view their pictures either horizontally or vertically and on either the driver or passenger sun visors.

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