Decorative Car Seat Covers with SafetyStitch™ Technology

One of our customers’ frequently asked questions is “can I use this front car seat cover on my car with airbags in the side of the seat”.  Newer vehicles today are equipped with the latest safety technology including side impact airbags. These airbags are mounted directly on the side of your car seat, protecting your head from hitting the side window or door jam in the event of an accident. These airbags must remain unobstructed to work properly and most car seat covers cannot be used on this type of seat.

If you drive a vehicle with side impact airbags and you want to jazz it up with a set of decorative car seat covers you have a couple options. One option you have is to have custom seat covers made to match the specifications for car model. These seat covers are usually made-to-order and can be expensive. There is a more affordable option. While most universal fit car seat covers cannot be used on a car with side impact airbags, there is a new seat cover design that does work and will not break the piggy bank.

Bell Automotive has developed an innovative front car seat cover with SafetyStitch™ Technology, dual side tear seams.  SafetyStitch™ is a tear seam that is designed to break away with proper deployment of side airbags during the course of an accident. These new front car seat covers are compatible with most seat airbags and have been tested in US laboratories.  And the best news is that the manufacturer offers a variety of decorative car seat covers with the SafetyStitch™ technology. You can find a variety of these front car seat covers at, an on-line retail store that specializes in decorative car accessories for women.

Pink Shaggy Car Seat Cover

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