Installation Instructions for Girly Car Steering Wheel Covers

Decorative Car Steering Wheel Covers are a great way to dress up your car with the added benefit of keeping your hands cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Many of the steering wheel covers on the market today have a molded rubber inner ring and soft fabric outer covering. They are designed to fit tightly and can sometimes be a challenge to stretch over the steering wheel. At we sell steering wheel covers from several manufacturers and have selected the installation instructions on the Bell Automotive® Products steering wheel cover packaging to share with you on our blog.

1. Place steering wheel cover in a warm car to allow the rubber inner ring to soften prior to installation.
2. Begin pulling the steering wheel cover over the upper half of the steering wheel in small increments until half of the steering wheel cover is installed.
3. With the top half now installed, continue to firmly pull the steering wheel cover in small increments until the entire steering wheel has been wrapped.

Instruction tips:
Installation Tip #1: When installing during cold weather, warm steering wheel cover to approximate room temperature. For best results, allow the steering wheel cover to warm under direct sunlight until the rubber inner ring softens slightly.
Installation Tip #2: After covering the upper half of the steering wheel, with the car engine OFF, allow the car interior to warm the steering wheel cover (left in place, half installed) until the rubber inner ring softens for easier stretching for the remainder of the installation. Repeat if necessary.
Installation Tip #3: If your steering wheel cover has massage grips or a special design, first align the cover with the steering wheel for a balanced appearance or to best accommodate your driving needs.
Installation Tip #4: Exercise patience. At Bell Automotive® Products, we recognize that to ensure a proper universal fit, the product must begin and remain snug for optimum appearance and performance. With the proper mix of elbow grease and patience, we believe you’ll enjoy the end result.

SWC Installation Lg2 offers a wide variety of girly car steering wheel covers. Some of the Bell Automotive® steering wheel cover styles include: Shaggy Pink, Baja Blanket, Animal Paw Print, Leopard Print, Flower Power and Shaggy Lime Green. I invite you to visit to view our complete selection of decorative girly car accessories.

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