Holiday Shopping Guide – Fashion Accessories for Her Car

It’s that time of year again when we rack our brains trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on our list. Car Decor wants to help you with your Holiday Shopping by sharing our Top Five Car Accessory Gifts for 2014. Decorative car accessories make great holiday gifts for the special girls on your list. Women love to dress up with fashionable accessories and now they can decorate their cars with the same girly style. offers a large assortment of girly car accessories.

ZigZag Chevron Car Seat CoverThe top trending car accessory this year is the black and white Chevron Seat Cover Set. This eleven piece set is affordable and includes two front seat covers, back seat cover, steering wheel cover and two seat belt should pads. Popular among teen girls and young drivers, the Chevron Zigzag car accessory seat cover set will dress up any car.

Baja Blanket Car Seat CoverWrap her car in a cozy Mexican style Baja Blanket Car Seat Cover and Steering Wheel Cover. A top seller, the universal fit front seat cover and matching steering wheel cover coordinate with most car interior colors. Matching bench back seat cover is also available.

Pink Daisy Auto VaseDon’t just give her flowers this Christmas; surprise her with a cute Pink Daisy Auto Vase to decorate her car. The small glass vase clips onto the car’s air vent and can be filled with an artificial flower or a live bloom from the garden. A thoughtful gift idea for any girl on your list.

Crystal License Plate FrameYou can never go wrong by giving her a gift of girly car bling. Rhinestone license plate frames are like shiny jewelry for her car. The Crystal Rhinestone License Plate Frame fits standard size DMV plates and will look great on any color car. This frame is also available in pretty pink.

Black Visor FrameGreat stocking stuffer idea – the Black Visor Frame is a nice gift for your daughter or mother. This mini picture frame clips on the car’s sun visor to display a small wallet size photo or memorial card. The visor frame is available in four colors; black, silver, white and pink.

Put a ribbon around some decorative car accessories this Christmas. specializes in girly car accessories that you may not find in other car parts stores. And you can shop on-line from the comfort of home knowing that we will ship your order to your door. All orders are packaged with care and include a free car air freshener.

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Car Accessories

As everyone knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All month long you will see various ways individual people and organizations highlight this very important women’s health issue. Even the NFL is active communicating this public message – last night I watched the Green Bay Packers take the field in Pink socks and sweatbands.

On a personal level there are so many ways you can express your support for the treatment of breast cancer. Decorating your auto with a pink ribbon accessory is great way to show your support of a loved one facing this disease. We want to tell you about the decorative pink ribbon car accessories available at Highlighted below are four of the most popular pink ribbon items: Pink Ribbon Find A Cure car decal, Yay Boobies! car cup holder coaster, Pink Find A Cure metal license plate frame and Celebrate Life visor clip. These girly car accessories make nice thoughtful gifts. Visit for a large selection of pink car accessories for girls.
Pink Ribbon Car Accessories

Car Rearview Mirror Signs

Girls love to decorate their cars to show off their personalities. has created a unique car accessory that hangs on your rearview mirror. This new product is called CarXpression – rearview mirror signs. They are decorative signs that hang from the rearview mirror post and display towards the outside of the car. At this time there are eight styles available as seen in the picture below. The Girly Girly and Reserved Parking for Princess are the most popular designs. These decorative car signs are an exclusive product sold at for under $10. They make fun car accessory gifts for teenage girl. is an on-line store filled with girly car accessories.
Car Rearview Mirror Sign

Car Rearview Mirror Sign

Graduation Gift Ideas for Young Drivers

Girly car accessories make great graduation gifts to help her get ready for the next journey of her life. Teenage and young adult women drivers love to add their own personality to their cars and has what you are looking for to help her dec out her ride.

If she is driving an older well loved car she will want to make it look new again with a set of car seat covers, matching floor mats and steering wheel cover. We offer the most popular girly car seat cover designs like Pink Leopard Animal Print and Chevron Zig-Zag. Our car seat covers are universal fit designed for just about any car, truck or SUV. Floor mats are a more subtle way to decorate her car, adding color and style at her feet. And steering wheel covers are both decorative and functional keeping her hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have all the auto accessories a girl needs to add style and comfort to her wheels.Girly Car Accessories

If she is cruising around in a newer model she will love to dress it up with a rhinestone license plate frame available is a variety of crystal bling styles. Your college grad will be thrilled with a pink jeweled license plate frame while high school teenage graduates will like fun styles like the retro pink bow rhinestone license plate frame. We even have something for the real girly girl – CarLashes™ headlight eyelashes will get her noticed on campus.


For the more practical girl a car organizer may be just what she needs to tidy up her car. has a wide selection of decorative auto organizers such as the pink litter bag and front seat pocket holder. She will be prepared to go off to college or her first job in style.

Other thoughtful car accessory gifts include rearview mirror car charm ornaments, angel visor clips, visor frames and flower autovases. Shop for fun girly car accessories and unique graduation gifts.

Treat your Mom like an Angel on Mother’s Day

“Mom, can you drive me to school?” “Mom, please pick me up at 3:00.” For most families, Moms are the ones who drive the kids to all the places they need to go. They spend hours every day making sure everyone gets to where they need to go and then back home safely. This Mother’s Day treat your mom to something special to decorate her car while driving around town. Angel Car Visor Clips make great Mother’s Day Gifts to say “Thanks Mom for being my chauffeur”.

Visor clips attach to any car visor and are a simple decorative accessory. offers a large selection of beautiful car visor clips with inspirational messages. The one featured here is designed specifically for moms. The classic angel has sparkling wings and a simple quote “Never Drive Faster than Your Angel can Fly”. This beautiful Mother’s Day car accessory gift is under $10 and is sure to make her smile.

Treat your Mom like an Angel for Mother’s Day with a variety of girly car accessories. We also offer cute Angel Air Fresheners, Angel Wing Car Seat Covers, Angel Decals, and Flying Angel Car Charm Ornament. is an on-line store selling decorative auto accessories for women and we have many unique Mother’s Day Gifts to decorate her car.

Angel Car Visor Clip Mother's Day Gift

Zig-Zag into Spring with Chevron Auto Accessories

The Chevron trend revival has come to car accessories. If you are a fan of the popular zig-zag stripe pattern found on all types of wearable fashion you are going to love the new Chevron black and white car seat covers and floor mats. The Chevron Zig-Zag eleven piece auto seat cover seat includes two front covers, one bench seat cover, two seat belt shoulder pads and a steering wheel cover.  Everything a girl needs to accessorize her car. The seat covers are universal fit which means they will fit most cars, trucks, and mini vans. Decorative seat covers protect the car’s upholstery from spills and dirt while creating a customized look. For older cars with worn seats, car seat covers will bring new life to your vehicle. Add the coordinating four piece Zig-Zag Chevron floor mats to complete the look. specializes in decorative car accessories for girls of all ages. Shop our on-line store for everything from rhinestone license plate frames to angel visor clips.

Chevron Car Accessories

Show Your Car Some Valentine’s Day Love

I love my car and my car loves me (or I think it does when it faithfully gets me to work every day).  This Valentine’s Day pamper your car with a bumper to bumper make-over. has everything you need to add your girly personality to your car. Start with a Pink Leopard Car Seat Cover which will fit any front car seat.  Next add a coordinating Steering Wheel Cover and a Rhinestone License Plate Frame to add some bling.  Select from a large variety of accessories to complete the look such as a Pink Daisy AutoVase, Angel Visor Clip, Princess Car Charm, Scented Air Freshener and Pink Heart Car Decal.

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for that special girl – offers a variety of girly car decorations that make great Valentine’s Day Gifts for her. Heart shaped car charm ornaments are perfect for saying “I love you” to that special person in your life. For your Mom I recommend an Angel Visor Clip with an inspirational quote. And your teenage daughter will thank you for a LOVE animal print floor mat carpet set. is the best on-line store for girly car accessories.

Girly Car Accessories

Hallmark Channel Home and Family Bliss My Ride Car Tips with Kym Douglas

Stylish Kym Douglas has expanded her fashion expertise to decorative car accessories by presenting a “Bliss My Ride” episode on the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show. Kym Douglas is the author of the book “Bliss Happens” and is a regular guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show sharing real beauty secrets to women across the country. Dressed in a Christmas red mechanics jump suit, Kym demonstrated several ways to dress up your car to make your drive more enjoyable. She shared several products with the viewers including a Pink AutoVase available at The cute AutoVase clips onto the car’s air vent and can be filled with an artificial flower or a real bloom picked from your garden. offers women a large variety of decorative car accessories for girls such as rhinestone license plate frame, car headlight lashes, leopard seat covers, zebra floor mats and butterfly steering wheel covers.

Kym also showed the hosts, Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare, several car care tips. To freshen up the car’s interior she suggests putting a few drops of an orange essential oil on the carpet and steering wheel.  For removing a squished bug from your windshield try a used dryer fabric softener sheet to wipe the glass clean. The Hallmark Channel Home and Family Show is filled with innovative ideas, tips, trends, products and useful information for everyone in the home. For more information on the Home and Family Show visit their web site And for more information on where to buy many of the products displayed on Episode #2057 go to

HomeShow 1HomeShow 4

Top 10 Car Accessory Gifts for Girls

For those of you out there who have waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping we are blogging to help you out with some gift suggestions. With the clock ticking you may not have a lot of time to search all over the Internet for that perfect gift so we are sharing our TOP TEN holiday gifts for this year. These car accessory gift ideas range from a bling rhinestone license plate frame to a decorative car seat cover to add girly style to her ride. All of these items are reasonably priced and ready to ship.

1.  Baja Blanket Car Seat CoverTop 10 Car Accessories for Girls
2.  Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover
3.  Guardian Angel Car Charm
4.  Pink Daisy AutoVase
5.  Houndstooth Check Car Seat Cover
6.  Rhinestone License Plate Frame
7.  Leopard Fuzzy Dice
8.  Pink Driver Pocket Organizer
9.  Cross Rearview Mirror Car Charm
10. Zebra Plastic License Plate Frame

Visit to view our entire assortment of decorative car accessories for girls.




A Christmas Sweater for Your Car

A new spin on the traditional “Christmas Sweater” gift. This year give her a gift that will wrap her car seats in comfort. Universal fit front car seat covers are easy to install and give a car a fresh new look. There are so many fun styles to choose from and many have coordinating steering wheel covers and floor mats. Zebra and leopard prints are popular styles and are available in white, pink, purple, tan and gray. The animal print accessories are very soft and plush and create a great coordinated look. For trend setters you may want to dress the car in Baja Blanket with a matching steering wheel cover.  This striped seat cover goes with any color interior from gray to black to tan. Add some girly personality to her ride with fluttering butterflies, leopard pink hearts or shaggy pink.  And for a classic look we recommend the black and white Houndstooth – never goes out of style. If you have that hard to buy for girl on your list we recommend you surprise her with a Sock Monkey seat cover. Guaranteed to make her smile.  All of these car seat cover styles and many more are available at
Girly Car Sear Covers